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How many times do I have to make this climb?

There was a bit of excitement at the office. I don't mean excitement involving my job, of course, and it actually came about just before I was to leave for my first two real and proper and scheduled days off instead of just not happening to come in or suspecting that the day might not be a working day. But it was exciting to have happen. From my perspective it began with a couple of the first-floor people who are always coming up to see where cables run because the networking is a hideously overgrown tangle of cables, some predating the first trans-Atlantic telegraph, which produce enough glitches in the office manager's office that he's always irritated by them. This time they came up and kept walking down to the office down the hall, and back again, and downstairs, and back up again, and so on.

The problem: the ceiling below was falling down. It wasn't a particular new structural instability in the building itself, although it is old and there are no floors that are perfectly level and quite a few doors don't actually close anymore. But the wire frame used to drop down, and to thus hang tiles on, had somehow lost its connection to the solid wood frame that made up the original ceiling and that was connected to the floor underneath the office down the hall. And they couldn't figure a way to get the drop tile frame re-connected to anything particular. There was just this little inverted peak in the ceiling which looked like those 1980s personal computer graphic attempts at modelling a mountain.

As a result after some investigation they decided to send out a note warning people who have lunch in the break room (a subset which includes me) that because the ceiling was kind of collapsing we should eat somewhere else until further notice. And while I was out they got someone in to look at things and reattach the frames so that now there's just the broken drop tiles where the minor collapse used to be. They never sent a follow-up e-mail clearing the break room, but everyone who used it before is using it again, so surely it's all just fine again. Probably.

Trivia: James Cook's Resolution crossed the Antarctic Circle and got a few miles south of it before noon on 17 January 1773, sailing the first ship known to have crossed that latitude. Source: Discoveries: The Voyages of Captain Cook, Nicholas Thomas.

Currently Reading: No Applause --- Just Throw Money - or - The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous, Trav S D. Whoa. I would have done a spit-take at this revelation, but I was eating a sandwich at the time: I had never considered whether Fred Allen was actually his name.


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