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Why don't we sing ths song all together

Meanwhile back in the present there've been a couple of milestones reached. The first big one relates to my car. Despite my considerable irritation at it last year I still haven't replaced it, for a couple of reasons. It did settle down to having problems only about once every six months which is at least tolerable for a car that's paid off, and mostly I really don't want to commit to buying a car right now, for example. But it did reach an event I'm certain I will never see again on it: the odometer rolled to have all seven digits identical at 111111.1 miles. Curiously, this was not far from exit 11. Also note that when all the digits lined up in the time machine used for the Saturday morning cartoon Fonz and the Happy Days Gang the machine went wild and sent Fonzie, Richie, Potsie, and the bunch to an unpredictable point in the spacetime continuum, which would seem to be a design flaw in a time machine.

The other milestone comes from the WiiFit: After three weeks of managing pretty consistently a good half-hour a day, I reached the Ten Hour threshold. The Wii, in keeping with its positive-reinforcement goals, set off a little stream of confetti and had the piggy bank icon into which daily exercise times are added do a comical little dance. More, with the cheery music it changed from a metallic grey to bronze, and it's stayed like that. I don't know where the next threshold is or what the next color will be but I'm eager to see it.

And I'm not the only one. My mother, who is just a wee bit competitive as one may know from how hard she works at the Rhythmic Step patterns and how she sulks that I've got the top ten spots for Deep Breathing (a balance exercise; she hasn't got great balance), saw I'd gotten a gold piggy bank for my time. She increased her work on the machine until within two days of my reaching ten hours, she'd got that time and the bronze piggy bank too. Meanwhile my father says he'll get on it a second time when his arthritis lets him.

Trivia: The final launch scrub for the space shuttle Challenger, on 27 January 1986 at 12:36 pm Eastern Time, was due to microswitch indicators showing the exterior hatch-locking mechanism had not been properly closed. Source: The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture, and Deviance at NASA, Diane Vaughan.

Currently Reading: A Storm In The Port: Keeping The Port of New York and New Jersey Open, Alex F Lechich.


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