austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

I've been thinking about heading out

Well, off to the airport again. Another month, another brother, another wedding. That spot in my right leg that gets cramped every flight is already sympathetically grumbling. I'll report back when I'm back somewhere again. My apologies if updates get spotty.

The one thing I do know: if my return flight is on schedule, I'll get back to my apartment approximately 13 hours before my first class. I kind of knew my first class would be the day I got back, and it's a relief to be proved right.

Trivia: When Al Capp was first selling Li'l Abner to the syndicates, King Features Syndicate offered US$250.00 per week for the strip, if he just dropped all that backwoods stuff from the comic strip. United Feature Syndicate bought it as-is for one-fifth the price. Source: The Best of Li'l Abner, Al Capp.

Currently Reading: We Have Capture: Thomas Stafford and the Space Race, Thomas P. Stafford with Michael Cassutt.


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