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Let him know there's a change coming up behind him

I picked up my repaired car Thursday, so that Wednesday I had to drive a substitute to the office. My mother's been driving the Toyota Something, but fortunately the lease on her former car isn't up until next week so she didn't mind driving that in, as long as I brought in the bag of work stuffs she needed and of course her Starbucks card. And I did get both in. It turns out that there was one more little thing she needed: the keys to her office. My father had asked whether she had got her keys out of the car, which was a good question, but he only asked it a half-hour after I left. So I got called a little after 9 am, when I was expecting news that my car was ready for pickup. (The timing of the call mystifies me: I can't think why my mother wouldn't have called an hour earlier when I'd be expected in the office. Possibly she was hoping she had a spare key or someone else coming in with keys.)

My mother needed the keys and asked where would be a roughly central spot, and I went to the office manager to beg leave to step out ... and he was on the phone. While my mother was on her way, and I needed to get going. I weighed the odds that anyone would be looking for me in the next half-hour and when he showed no signs of getting off the phone anytime soon I just slipped out. I got back, too, with as far as I can tell nobody noticing my absence except the folks on the first floor knew I left and arrived again and didn't find this actually interesting. It's getting harder to believe that I need to spend quite the hours I do at the office.

One little amusing side effect: when I pulled up next to my mother's car at the parking lot the Toyota's speaker system started picking up the audio of her Bluetooth-equipped hand phone. I had to turn the engine off to let my mother's phone steal the call back from it. I found this funny, and when my mother was done talking with that person she was too.

Trivia: Saudi Arabia and Syracuse joined the Allies in February 1945. Source: Why The Allies Won, Richard Overy.

Currently Reading: The Adventures Of Amos 'N' Andy: A Social History of an American Phenomenon, Melvin Patrick Ely.


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