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L.A.'s gonna eat you alive

If you watch Late Night With Conan O'Brien tonight --- that's in a half-hour for those on the Eastern Coast of the United States, longer for westerly time zones, and viewable online from sometime in the near future --- for the final episode you just might see a little coati and his father in the audience. However, to be honest, you probably won't. I was seated in the fourth row behind the band, which is directly in line with where Conan speaks for the monologue, but is otherwise very inaccessible to the cameras. Still, if you see a tall, scruffy guy with beard and sideburns and uncombed hair wearing a light yellow dress shirt and tan slacks into which I did not fit four months ago, that may be me. There was another guy two rows ahead of me wearing a yellow shirt too.

A proper trip report will follow --- I'm just too exhusted right now --- but for now let me pick up on visiting my brother and his wife.

When I do visit my brother and his wife I do worry about spending too much time there: it's something like an hour up and back, and that encourages spending enough time there to make the trip worthwhile, and we do have a habit of getting around to looking at my sister-in-law's Sims, and then on to her keeping up online with friends from high school and then before you know it we've been watching silly YouTube videos and dopey TV shows.

But they distinctly and clearly invited me up, and out to dinner, where we discovered the hazards of eating out on Valentine's Day without reservations were a bit overblown as long as you were going to a restaurant called ``Blitzburgers'', in the same strip mall as an Ace Hardware which would prove important, and which seems to be a touch under the Red Robin scale in price and value and such. They have an enormous range of hamburgers with strongly varied sets of toppings including in some cases potato. He and she spent a great while looking over the menu and considering options, and finally got the same burgers they always get.

Trivia: Celluloid was named by John Wesley Hyatt. Source: Radar, Hula Hoops, and Playful Pigs, Joe Schwarcz.

Currently Reading: The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring In Wartime Washington, Jennet Conant.


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