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The question people asked me about the tickets to the final Late Night with Conan O'Brien were, how did I get them? But that was straightforward: in January Conan talked on his show about how they were coming up to the final weeks, and they knew they had dedicated fans, and if you want a ticket you should write in the conangobyebye-at-nbc-dot-com. I'd been meaning to get around to seeing the show sometime, but it wasn't really practical while I was in Singapore --- you have to request tickets very far out and they give tickets for the day they like, not you, and that's not necessarily compatible with being home for one week some of which will be taken up with my mother asking when I'll get a haircut.

So this was my last chance and I put in the e-mail to them that I was indeed a fan, and had been watching even the very first episode even though it included leg-wrestling with George Wendt, and had been to the show a reasonable number of times in the 1990s (I think five or so) and as part of a Usenet group dedicated to the show we'd been making comments that seemed to get winked at on-air for fifteen years now. (Among the ambiguous clues was one time when we got to discussing 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoons and a couple days later the band played, for the first and so far as I know only time, the theme to Top Cat; and after I grumbled that every ``Actual Items'' sketch included a joke where the name-dropping of Hitler was meant to be the punchline and it usually wasn't funny and just made latter pieces a Prisoner's Dilemma wait for the unfunny one they did their first of many ``Actual Items'' without the namedrop.) In an IRC chat (remember those?) in the late 90s one of the show's writers announced that as they understood the Internet it was all run by one guy, me, and one of the writers got to repeating my (actual) last name like a mantra. If they were judging by fandom qualifications I was probably in.

So with my father --- with whom I'd gone maybe two times and had kept asking when I was sending away for tickets again --- I set out early Friday with ... well, I paused to weigh myself on the WiiFit so my streak of days actually doing something wouldn't be broken. According to it I'd gained about a pound since the previous evening. I tried to not feel slightly down about the way the day was starting.

Trivia: The word ``handsome'' appeared in English around 1425, at which time it meant ``easy to handle or use''. Source: Semantic Antics: How and Why Words Change Meaning, Sol Steinmetz.

Currently Reading: Life The Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality, Neal Gabler.


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