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It doesn't show signs of stopping

So it was a snow day! Sort of. Actually, it was a day with a considerable deal of snow in it. I knew from Saturday that snow was coming in --- my mother warned me a heavy storm was expected for Sunday, and come Sunday afternoon when I woke up there was an inch or so on the ground and I grinned at that even though I knew she was talking about the Sunday evening storm. The storm did start about 6 pm, as I was coming home from a visit to Circuit City's final days and, more importantly, Arby's to get some fried mozzarella sticks, and it was just getting worse as the hours went on.

I had hoped that I could skip the day at ``work'', but I don't know if there is any kind of algorithm about when and who shouldn't come in for inclement weather, and if there were any phone call announcements made last night they didn't reach me. I resigned myself to waking up in the morning hopefully to the news I could go back to bed, but there wasn't any call even though the snow was pretty thick. So I called in to ask, well, if it was worth coming in, and I did get one guy on the phone who I didn't really think understood my question. It was a strange conversation.

My father really over-explained the concept that I'd have to dig my car out and that it would require my having a shovel, which is used for shoveling, and a broom, which is used for brooming and I know he was trying to be helpful but he really needed to relax about everything. I did have to shovel and sweep out, and at that spend about ten minutes warming the car up until the front windshield and side windows were clear enough. I also stopped at the 7-Eleven nearby because the rear window wasn't un-frosting fast enough and I figured to scrape it clean. I tried backing into my parking space and missed the curb by a slender ten feet. I was too embarrassed to get back in the car and try parking it less horribly.

Driving in, through modestly continuing snow and traffic ahead of me which chose surprisingly often to switch into the lane I had just switched into (perhaps they thought I knew something they didn't?), took about an extra half-hour, which all told is not too bad. Roughly a third the usual staff was in, and after two hours came the word that we could leave as long as we didn't have any pressing business to complete. I've yet to have business even lean modestly, so I went home. The snow had almost completely let up at that hour, and the roads were fresh-plowed, so I was able to make roughly the same time home I ordinarily do. This wasn't my silliest day ever, but it was one to consider.

After dinner, my father asked if I was going to work tomorrow.

Trivia: The United States House of Representatives and the Senate both passed legislation creating the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics on 3 March 1915. President Woodrow Wilson also signed it into law that day. Source: Model Research, Alex Roland. NASA SP-4103.

Currently Reading: Over Land And Sea: The Dramatic Story of the Great Aviation Pioneer Glenn H Curtiss, Robert Scharff, Walter S Taylor.


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