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You can see them out for dinner

We left the Frick museum somewhat after 1 pm, so that I was thinking about how long we had to get lunch and get back to Rockefeller Center by 2 pm. It was looking tight and my father suggested getting a bus down to 46th street as there was a barbeque place at 46th and 11th Avenue that he wanted to try out as he saw it written up in Some Thick Food Magazine My Parents Get Every Month as one of the best barbeque places in the United States. I figured we could give it a try walking and see whether we could catch a bus without waiting.

Now, had we waited at a bus stop there would have been a bus along sometime and while my father didn't have a MetroCard, I did, and probably we could have both swiped it for a ride. But it seemed better to just keep walking and to see if we could catch a bus which was present when we were there. We missed one by seconds at 65th street, and we never got any closer to catching a bus until about 50th street at which point it was too close to 46th to bother getting on. What we did get to do was walk, in the cold, a lot. And then walking west across what was really only about six avenues (plus Broadway) but which felt like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. We didn't even get a glimpse of the place until after 2 pm.

I was terrified that it would be a big, long, crowded sort of lunch place, but it was much nearer a fast-food place where you put in an order with a worker who didn't know the place had just been written up in Some Thick Food Magazine and you take the order over on trays to the dining tables, which were long and cafeteria-style and probably very jovial when the place is full. At 2 pm even on Friday it was basically empty. So we were able to eat swiftly, but also pretty well as the sandwiches were good-sized and quite warm, which after the fourteen days of walking in the cold was extremely welcome. We were also near a bagel place my father likes much, but he didn't feel like we could take the diversion and he didn't want to carry a bag into the show, if we could get back to Rockefeller Center in time to be among the first 210 in line.

Trivia: According to the patent issued by the Council For New England, William Bradford could have claimed sole proprietorship of the Plymouth Colony in 1630 . He chose instead to share his rights with all who had joined the colony in the past decade, and in 1640 would turn the patent over to the colony's freemen. Source: Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War, Nathaniel Philbrick.

Currently Reading: Conan Doyle, Detective: The Real Crimes Investigated by The Creator of Sherlock Holmes, Peter Costello. This book leaves me desperate to edit it, ideally into something with a sense of narrative. I think I can make out most of the cool stuff but it's much more work than the subject matter ought to be.


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