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Now that you're knowing pleasure starts flowing

This week I got my first unsolicited comment from outside my family about my recent WiiFit-driven weight loss. (It's not actually just the WiiFit --- I'm eating less, particularly at breakfast, but that's the important difference.) This came from one of the people at work, in fact the person I was the pollyanna-Christmas-present-buyer-for, who commented that I was looking surprisingly thin these days. I'm very glad to take the compliment. Since beginning sixty days ago (exactly, according to the device which keeps track how long you've gone without missing a day) I've dropped somewhere between fifteen and twenty pounds. This should be extremely gratifying to me since that's really pressing the limits of what can be lost without amputation, although what it really makes me fret about is the days when my weight is up one or two pounds, when I know full well that they're normal fluctuations and completely meaningless as trends.

My mother has noticed, of course, and has several times this week alone asked me if my pants are falling down (they're not, but they are looser) and whether I need a new belt (no; I was on the last notch of the old belt anyway, and I'd probably never get around to replacing a belt anyway). But she's my mother and she's been watching my weight loss compared to hers. The WiiFit shows the various people registered and shows a chart of relative weight change the past two weeks. I've lost more weight in absolute terms than she has, but she started much more nearly fit, so that I think this is firing her competitive impulses in an inappropriate fashion. My other brother, the one lately from California and who hasn't seen me since Christmas, can't see any difference.

On an unrelated note: I realize my new computer will on the 10th turn three years old. I have the nagging feeling I ought to have the Apple Store do something about it, before it leaves AppleCare protection, but I also can't think of anything that it needs doing about. It'd be nice to have the keyboard cleaned out but I think I do all right there with the occasional Post-It Note.

Trivia: Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler's 1830-begun report and recommendations on the United States's legal standard of weights and measures for Congress dropped the standard for a hundredweight from 112 to 100 pounds, making the United States ton 2000 pounds rather than Britain's 2240. Source: Measuring America: How the United States Was Shaped by the Greatest Land Sale in History, Andro Linklater.

Currently Reading: Animals In Space: From Research Rockets To The Space Shuttle, Colin Burgess, Chris Dubbs.


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