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I need a side order of onion rings

So for some fresh developments on the weight loss front: I've been doing better in losing weight than my mother has; while I've had days with my weight bouncing up it's gone down much more reliably, and in larger steps, than hers has. My father has gotten on the machine some, but none too regularly, and his weight is down from the initial reading but not too much. The thing is that I've had more weight to lose, and while I'm taller than my mother I don't think the difference in the body-mass index denominator is that much, so while I'm going down my more points than she is my weight loss just looks bigger. And on the opening screen of the WiiFit it shows all the people with current accounts on the system and a chart of how their BMI has changed from its start.

Well, with my weight going down and down the blue line for my weight was threatening to drop off the opening-screen's scale. We were all curious what would happen when the line touched the bottom of that screen, and it turned out what happened was it rescaled the entire graph so that the vertical range was about twice as big as it was before. My weight curve continued to have a noticeable drop, but my mother's was cut to just barely lower than horizontal, with my father's pretty much irrelevant to our little competition.

Now. Saturday night my mother bought a whole turkey to roast, on the logical grounds that she'd been thinking of turkey and it turned out the whole bird was cheaper than buying a roast breast. I had not realized just how long it'd been since I had fresh hot roast turkey or how much I liked it when it was fresh but I was pretty near inhaling it for dinner. So for Sunday I promised my mother that today she'd see my weight jump up again, after a week of a couple little drops and steady holds. She objected that turkey meat is almost calorie-free so there wouldn't be, but then she remembered how I like dark meat which has got some content. And then it turned out my weight had dropped by two pounds since Saturday.

It's the first time my mother has ever said, ``I hate you.''

But I do seem to be somewhere in the range of 25 to 30 pounds lost on the year, so I can with tolerable respect for error margins say that I've lost two stone, if I want to sound more inexplicably English about my weight.

Trivia: Napoleon's Marshal Auguste-Frédéric-Louis Viesse de Marmont signed the capitulation of Paris to the invading armies of the Sixth Coalition at about 2 am on 31 March 1814. Source: The Age Of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant.

Currently Reading: The Quest for Alien Planets: Exploring Worlds Outside The Solar System, Paul Halpern. I'm so very nearly sure I've read this before, almost.


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