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Through all the happiness and sorry I guess I'd do it all again

I had been told early in the week to be ready on Friday to go up with the owner of the company to the client whose not particularly urgent desire to have a project completed got me originally hired back in May of 2007. You may remember this as the start of my very silly work sitting in an office for three days a week for months on end while nobody noticed I had nothing to do. These days I'm there five days a week and don't have very much to do. But meeting clients is one of the things that comes up.

The day before the owner's secretary, who serves vaguely to make sure everything actually happens that's supposed to, noted at lunch that I was to make a trip the next day and asked if I knew where and when to meet who and what for. I didn't; I needed to talk with the owner to find out where I should be. I also pointed out that based on past experience, my asking where and when I should be ahead of a trip to a client has resulted in my learning that I had no need to visit the client at all. That's not an unalloyed blessing: while meeting a client means I have to talk with people instead of reading comics, I can usually get up later because the expedition to the client starts later in the day and from the owner's home which is considerably nearer mine than the office is, and it usually ends early too. But she promised she'd call the owner and get details for me that afternoon.

And then who walks by the break room but the owner; we're able to flag him down and ask about the trip tomorrow. ``The what?'' Well, he probably has a lot on his mind. He thought it over and decided that he didn't really need me along but appreciated my interest. I could just come in as regular and do my usual thing. It's really a very efficient process, whatever it is.

Trivia: The launch of Apollo 6 on 4 April 1968 was officially judged ``not a success in accordance with ... NASA mission objectives'', in December 1968. Source: The Apollo Spacecraft: A Chronology, Volume IV: January 21 1966 - July 13, 1974, Ivan D Ertel, Roland W Newkirk, Courtney G Brooks. NASA SP-4009.

Currently Reading: Service and Style: How The American Department Store Fashioned The Middle Class, Jan Whitaker.


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