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Floating down the stream of time

My father and I were guided out of the studio with the last bunch of people, and we were directed back towards the elevators with one page noting that some people had tried going down the hallway the other direction and got into trouble from NBC Security. I infer there are things going on on the seventh floor that we are not meant to know. Since my father and I missed one elevator car load I had time to wander over by the lobby and study the notes for the NBC Book Sale coming on Tuesday, which would run for two hours. I suppose they weren't working very hard at the book sale, which is odd since at the end of 2007 the Kinokuniya bookstore outlet in Rockfeller Center left, to relocate next to Bryant Park.

But after all that and being dropped off in the ground floor of 30 Rockefeller Center, with about fifteen minutes to go before the scheduled closing of the store we figured we should pop in and see about grabbing some souvenirs. While they had a table of Late Night merchandise much of it was oddly of little use to my sensibilities. I don't tend to want to buy things that are perfectly useless; a T-shirt or a keychain or maybe a DVD suits my tastes. But they did have one collectible that struck me as useful and charming, a mug made after the style of Conan's own mug, which is itself based on one that the writers of The Simpsons gave him as a going-away present back in 1993. It's covered with various odd things and phrases that, apparently, Conan said back when The Simpsons were only under fire for not being as good as they were the first season, such as Jub-Jub or, around the rim on top, what deserves to be a quote of the day: ``If you don't know what to say, try a word''.

As my father suggested we looked at House merchandise for my mother, who watches House regularly but as far as I know has no other interest in the show. My father liked a refrigerator magnet with band-aids over Hugh Laurie's mouth and the motto ``Everybody Lies''. It probably shows something of my gift-giving character that I thought the better thing to buy was a travel much for the ``Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital'', which makes no explicit reference to the show on which its existence is dependent and which is also useful. As it happened the various things we picked up brought us to a purchase of more than fifty dollars, entitling us to a free extra gift based on one of several NBC Universal-owned shows. And so we got a free House tote bag, allowing my mother to tote things with inspirational thoughts such as ``Why Doesn't Matter'' and ``Everybody Lies'' all over it.

Trivia: The first broadcast from Rockefeller Center was the 13 November 1932 NBC radio broadcast of Roxy And His Gang, starring emcee S L ``Roxy'' Rothafel, of the Roxy Theater and Radio City Music Hall. Source: Great Fortne: The Epic of Rockefeller Center, Daniel Okrent.

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