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My father and I did a little more shopping around, finding in a stationery store for example that they had catchy-themed Rulers of History, twelve-inch rulers with one side showing the various Pharos of Egypt, or all-time star baseball players, or Great Scientists or Great Women Scientists or the like. The box around it promised they had a ruler for Great Jazz Players, which my father figured would be a great gift for one of his friends, but it turned out they were out of just that one Great Ruler ruler. Between me, my father, and the increasingly embarrassed clerk we checked them all.

And we went downstairs for some drinks to rehydrate, and to rest after all the walking around and walking and further walking we had done. After all that it was getting to be past 8 pm and we figured we should get back home, so we walked back to the Port Authority to catch the bus home. My father suggested we stop at White Castle; I felt just too tired for it.

Back home according to the WiiFit I managed to lose 4.6 pounds on the day. And my father started instant-message chatting with my brother and his wife and somehow handed it off to me so that I was left in a conversation whose start I couldn't quite discern and a polite way out of I couldn't quite figure until they assured me that people just drop out of instant messaging without excuses all the time. Well, other people do.

Later on I figured out from Google Maps just how far my father and I had walked. From the Port Authority to 30 Rock was, neatly, 1.1 miles. From 30 Rock to the Frick museum, 2.2 miles. From the Frick museum to the barbecue place was another 2.2 miles. At the risk of sounding suspiciously repetitive, the barbecue place back to Rockefeller Center was 1.1 miles, and the final trip from 30 Rock to the Port Authority can be determined by the symmetric property of a Euclidean space. So overall we put in 6.6 miles of walking. No wonder I lost so much weight. The day had hardly seemed quite all that long.

Trivia: Yuri Gagarin's initial orbital parameters for the Vostok were 175 by 302 kilometers at 65.07 degrees inclination to the equator. The apogee was about 70 kilometers higher than planned for the flight. Source: Challenge To Apollo: The Soviet Union and the Space Race, 1945 - 1974, Asif A Siddiqi. NASA SP-2000-4408.

Currently Reading: Decline And Fall, Otto Friedrich. About the last decade of The Saturday Evening Post.


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