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As we live a life of ease every one of us has all we need

To get to my mother's parked car we had to make a U-turn at a spot where two highways --- one a US Route, the other just a rather busy state route --- intersect, and the intersection is at about four odd angles. This arrangement made sense back when the fastest means of transport was to taunt a cow until it chased you, and property values have risen enough that there's no fixing it now. My father was insistent that I therefore had to watch the signs so that I could guide him to making the U-turn safely. In a surprise use certainly unforeseeable by every other U-turn location in New Jersey, this is handled by a jughandle left, in which you go to the right lane and turn onto the crossing road in order to make left or U-turns. Probably he'd have been better at this if he were more composed. As it was I think he was upset that I wasn't more anxious.

We found my mother, as promised, in her car at the north end of the TGI Friday's lot, and found inside that she was laying back as far as the driver's seat reclined and keeping her eyes closed in hopes of resting. She said she had been driving, but was getting more and more nauseous and finally realized she couldn't go any father, which is what we knew when we set out. She was certain she wasn't in shock, and didn't think she was having a heart attack, but she did want to go to the hospital.

The first objective was to try to get her from the driver's seat to the passenger's front seat. She gets motion sickness very easily and needs to be up front preferably driving. However, as we helped her out she felt too weak to get all the way around the car and settled for laying down in the back seat. This moment, so strikingly out of character, was the only time that I felt really concerned that this might be big. My father scribbled a note in his Jeep to warn the Friday's staff that the car wasn't abandoned (since the Jeep is stick shift, and I only know the theory of driving stick, I couldn't drive it back home), and we set off, with me told again to call my sister-in-law and provide updates. Also maybe my other brother, and my sister.

Trivia: On 15 April 1865 Secretary of War Edwin M Stanton had what cast members could be found perform Our American Cousin at Ford's Theater for his benefit, in the hopes that some clue to John Wilkes Booth's murder of Abraham Lincoln might be found in the play. All that was concluded was that Booth had deliberately timed his shot to be covered by the response to actor Harry Hawk's biggest laugh line. Source: Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase For Lincoln's Killer, James L Swanson.

Currently Reading: Decline And Fall, Otto Friedrich. And we have the raiding of the pension fund to cover operating expenses and postpone the end by a couple of weeks, of course, because that trick's ever worked.


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