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Everybody knows it never works

Let me take a pause from the emergency room visit day so that I can pout impotently about something which happened mere hours ago. My car, whatever its other faults, is designed with an air conditioning system. That system has never worked because the car was left unused for several years and of course not being used is the most demanding thing that can be done to a car not involving being commandeered by a sheriff on The Dukes of Hazzard. It didn't have the appropriate coolant, for one thing. I suspected, naturally, that hoses might have degenerated but had asked that they be checked the last couple times I had my car in for repairs.

Anyway. I was due for an oil change and whatever other fluids should get rotated, and went to the nearby Jiffy Lube with air conditioning services. I'd gone to this Jiffy Lube twice before and although shortly after one of those visits I started having my radiator problems I can't really say that was causal. They were happy to recharge the coolant, for a fee, and the office guy (who, somehow, remembered me) was delighted to point out how he'd done something wonderful for me, and got the air conditioning working. Given the warm spell projected for this weekend, yes, that's quite a good thing. I got into my car with that wonderful tingling chill of maximum air conditioning.

It didn't last. In fact, it didn't last all the way home. As it's hard to figure that they somehow installed coolant wrong, I must conclude there's a leak somewhere. And I'm upset that I need to take my car to get repaired, since I hate having to take a personal day or part of a personal day for it, and I don't much like taking a Saturday --- one of the precious few days I get to sleep a reasonable amount --- for it either. And I refuse to go another blasted summer without air conditioning in my car. And I'm upset that I paid for the air conditioning service and didn't get to enjoy fifteen minutes of it.

I suppose I could go back to the Jiffy Lube and sulk, except I can't see where I have any grounds for it. Maybe they'd recharge the system but what good would that do? Obviously the fault was mine for not making sure the hoses and whatever else in the system wasn't leaking before this, which implies I should nag my usual mechanics, except that whenever my last 'could you check the air conditioning system' request was, it was at least a year and change ago. I want to complain to somebody, and this is about the only place I can.

Trivia: The horse Paul Revere rode for his famous ride belonged to John Hancock. Source: Redcoats and Rebels: The American Revolution Through British Eyes, Christopher Hibbert.

Currently Reading: Wall Street: How It Works And For Whom, Doug Henwood.


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