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You gotta go where you wanna go

The remainder of driving my mother to the hospital was pretty much without incident and we fell prey to talking about the things that had changed since we were last in the area, which was a long time in my case (I usually come up a different road with fewer towns abutting the highway when I do go up): the Chinese buffet which used to be the movie theater where we'd seen Transformers the original movie and also The Rescuers when that came out had closed. The Borders that had been the first of its kind into our section of New Jersey was gone. An HSBC branch was being built. My mother couldn't participate in any of this since she couldn't see anything, so I provided a few references until she said that she didn't really need to know mile-by-mile where she was.

When we got to the hospital we found the turn leading to the Emergency Room admission blocked off indifferently by some widely spaced traffic cones and one poor security guy well-padded in a reflectorized-yellow-covered jacket. My father turned through the cones, earning a protest from the security guy, and my father opened my window and yelled out ``EMERGENCY ROOM!'' and very nearly slowed down as the guard hopped away. We pulled to a stop outside the emergency admittance and my father raced in, telling me that when we got my mother out of the car I'd go park it somewhere and meet him.

By the time I had got around and helped my mother sit up, they were coming out with the wheelchair, and put into my jacket pocket my mother's cell phone. And it turned out the blocking of the road was because there was a construction crane sitting in the road between ... ah ... the emergency room admittance and the parking garage entrance. I took the car back to the snubbed security guard and asked if he could please let me know where I could park, which as all urban directions around an obstruction require took me down two blocks, turn twice, and come back around a twisty road that lead me to the first suitable parking space. And with the big race to the emergency room finished, the rain started to let up.

Trivia: The dynamiting of the Blum's Candy Store at the corner of Polk and Sutton street following the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, which was intended to serve as part of the break against the Fire, was apparently delayed by policemen long enough to allow children gathered around it to help themselves --- quickly --- to all the candy they could carry. Source Disaster! The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906, Dan Kurzman.

Currently Reading: Wall Street: How It Works And For Whom, Doug Henwood.


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