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Thinking is the best way to travel

My mother was in the back, past the double doors, past the double doors behind that, in through the right of the double doors behind that (which magnetic scanner did not let me in on a mere visitor's pass, so I had to wait for a legitimate orderly to come in alongside), past the desk (where I was asked if I knew who I was looking for), then back along the corridor there until finally I reached another set of double doors, which I shouldn't go past as my mother was on the right before there with the last seconds of having an X-ray taken. She reported, yes, she was feeling all right but woozy and couldn't sit up, and that tests were going on and she'd be there several more hours at minimum and therefore we ought to go out to lunch. She handed me her jacket and a couple other things so that she'd have less that she had to watch; I offered her a book, since I was carrying a spare in my bag, but she said she couldn't focus on something to read. We agreed this was a most horrible situation to be in.

It used to be my mother worked at this hospital, and some of her friends were still around there, and it was while we were talking that the first of them came down. They'd noticed my mother's name on the emergency room admittances and naturally wanted to catch up on things. I didn't mind passing conversation over to her former co-worker (and there was a bit of an amusing diversion as the co-worker apologized to the woman laying next to my mother for waking her up; she hadn't been asleep, just bored waiting to be attended and the co-worker went to find out why she had been just laying around). With my mother's suggestion, or order, to get some food into my father I set out.

I did notice on the machine, though, that my mother's heart rate was just a touch under sixty beats per minute, like I had kind of thought it was in the car.

Trivia: The breaking of ground for the Suez Canal was on 25 April 1859, with a total of 150 diplomats, businessmen, engineers, and peasants watching the start. No official representatives of any government attended. Source: Parting the Desert: The Creation of the Suez Canal, Zachary Karabell.

Currently Reading: Twinkie, Deconstructed: My Journey to Discover How the Ingredients Found in Processed Foods Are Grown, Mined (Yes, Mined) and Manipulated into What America Eats, Steve Ettlinger.


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