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I could cry salty tears

More concerted observations:

  • The program thanks (by my count) 538 specific individuals, four group entities (one family and several organizations), and Anonymous. Mrs. Theresa A. Manning and Mary Pusillo are listed twice.
  • The Honorary Trustees of the Garden State Arts Foundation: Former governors Brendan T. Byrne and Thomas H. Kean; Senator Joseph M. Kyrillos, Jr; and Max Weinberg. The list makes me strangely happy. Imagine how much fun they have when they get together.
  • Special thanks are also extended to (among several organization) MONOC, lord and master of the fourteenth dimension. Actually, that's Monmouth-Ocean Federal Credit Union, but MONOC is a fine ominous name. Would-be world conquerers, take note!
  • The soprano singer for the George Gershwin tribute was apparently quite good, judging from the comments of those around me, and I was impressed at the tones she hit and held, but I didn't understand the lyrics. The tribute began and ended with Rhapsody in Blue I guess to quiet skeptics who didn't believe it was Gershwin.
  • I liked the Cuban music, though it sounded like the background music from those plotless 50-minute ``movies'' Disney made in the 40s where he flew the animation staff to Paraguay and they drew llamas.
  • Why do they put railings on the front row, in front of the seats otherwise one step above the walking plateau?
  • The Asbury Park Toll Plaza toll-paid lights have a frowny face on the red light and a smiley one on the green.

Trivia: Spanish King Ferdinand VI had his Italian Opera -- managed by Carlo Farinelli, a famous male soprano -- sing the same four songs to him every evening for ten years. Source: European History 1648 to 1789, R. M. Rayner.

Currently Reading: The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary, Simon Winchester.


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