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But I am so lazy don't want to wander, I stay at home at night

I should mention that I was doing all the driving after we got to the hospital. My father could have, and maybe he should have driving us up there, but it was probably better for his nerves to just be the passenger. This also meant I had a rare chance to drive the Toyota Something. Now, what we should have done was set my father in the back seat so that he would be able to sit next to my father as we drove home, and also --- this is important --- so that he would not be able to try helping me drive. As may be expected with a car I don't often drive I have to think about where the cruise control button is (it's on a weird little miniature lever on the steering column) and whether the windshield wipers are the left or the right-hand major lever. When it started raining my father was quick to turn the wipers on; if I weren't distracted trying to think what I wanted to do I should have slapped his hand and reminded him, non-drivers don't mess with the steering column.

As we drove back to the TGI Friday's where my father's Jeep Something had been left my father started to worry about whether the car might have been towed since it was left in the parking lot and we were certainly not patrons, not for eight hours straight. He had left a sign in the Jeep's window explaining things but had no confidence that the TGI Friday's workers would care about the sign. I had doubts that the workers would care about the spot unless the parking lot were jammed full, and as we got in ... actually, the lot was pretty near full. Maybe there was some reason for concern. But I spotted the Jeep from a couple blocks' worth of distance away from it. My father drove the Jeep home, since I don't drive stick, and I drove my mother home, since she wasn't in shape to drive.

While we were driving home, my mother asked: had there been any discussion about what car to use to get up to TGI Friday's in the first place? Well, no, my father had grabbed his car and pulled me out back when we thought we'd pick her up and drive her home, me in the Toyota and my father in the Jeep. She pointed out that, if she had her way, my father and I would have gone up in my car, so that my father could drive the Toyota and her, perhaps home, perhaps to the hospital, and either way I could drive myself home and not have my whole day occupied unnecessarily.

All right, yes, that plan has a good deal of sense to it. Although I'd have been occupied in mind anyway. Hm.

Trivia: Geology did not appear in the Encyclopaedia Britannica as a science until the Fourth Edition, published 1810. (It was not even mentioned in the Third Edition, published 1797.) Source: The Map That Changed The World, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: Wealth And Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich, Kevin Phillips.


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