austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

I think that I am falling down

So the first report on a morning-to-morning weigh-in following the Balance Board's week in absentia: while it was away, I lost two pounds. That's not bad at all, no, although it's actually on average less than I was losing with the WiiFit. I would sulk about this relatively meager weight loss despite my spending five days on the exercise machines including the elliptical trainers that left me so exhausted, however: I did, after all, take off Saturday and Sunday for sheer exhaustion, and I did have for our Mother's Day Lunch on Saturday (do you know what it's like trying to eat at a restaurant on Mother's Day?) a lot more food than I normally eat these days, including a quadrant of key lime pie. Given those factors, ``merely'' losing weight at a normal rate is not bad at all.

I also discovered that by the WiiFit's sensibilities, I haven't missed any days. Apparently it counted my logging in to report my exercise room exercise, and to do one of the few exercises that didn't demand the balance board --- this thing where you hold the remote control and raise and lower your arm in time --- as keeping up my streak of doing some kind of exercise. When you consider that the ``Activity Log'' in which you claim partial credit for exercise not done on the machine is also one in which you can easily lie this seems like a shocking looseness. My mother had expected you'd need to at least weigh in too.

Another miscellaneous discovery over the absence was that one of the other exercises which can be done without balance board, and which is actually an exercise, is the run --- one-player, two-player, or free (ten minutes). With my father I also found how the remote measures a pace in running, so that we now know how to fake running, or get better credit for the steps you are taking. It turns out that you can make it run fast enough to cover what it counts as a mile in three minutes. This is not quite the world record two-minute mile run by Batman and Robin back in '68, but if you try going faster then your avatar trips and falls over, costing time.

Trivia: In the final, printer-ready draft of his Farewell Address, George Washington made changes in 174 of the 1,086 lines of text, in his own hand, and reviewed the punctuation throughout. Source: Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation, Joseph J Ellis.

Currently Reading: Lead Us Into Temptation: The Triumph Of American Materialism, James B Twitchell.


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