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So I went out and bought a two-carat ring

A while back a job agency for Singapore employment that I don't actually remember signing up for started sending me letters. For the most part they seem harmless, and there is the chance they'll pick up a useful lead. But I'm not particularly optimistic. The thing is, one of these letters started out with the heading:

Don't let our cute furry animals and quirky taglines fool you. While we like them very much, we are dead serious about bringing relevant jobs befitting experienced professionals and top managers like you. Just take a look at a sample of what we currently have available on JobsCentral below. If you see something you like, just click on it or visit our main site for even more great jobs.

You know, up to that point I didn't even know they had ``cute furry animals'', I imagine in mascot-based roles. On loading the images from this e-mail I find the picture is just of a man and a woman wearing Business Dark Suits and smiling nervously at the camera while standing in front of a blank background, and the service's name with an International Airport-style icon for a briefcase next to it. This doesn't seem to be playing to the whole ``cute furry animal'' theme.

Still, if you can believe their listings for senior-level positions, they do seem to have some good jobs, such as Head of Resource Planning for the Singapore Ministry of Defence. I'm sure my successful defense of the British Empire in World War II Grand Strategy Simulator Hearts Of Iron II qualifies me for a position there. (The key is, be the United States --- you really don't want to be in the Second World War if you're not the United States --- and join the Allies after Britain and France sell out Czechoslovakia.) Or there's the Assistant Director of Patient Safety for the Ministry of Health. I have the vague feeling they're not quite aimed at me, who'd like a steady college or university post where I can mostly teach.

Trivia: Senator John Langdon administered the Vice-Presidential Oath of Office to John Adams on 3 June 1789. Source: From Failing Hands: The Story of Presidential Succession, John D Feerick.

Currently Reading: Analog Science Fiction and Fact, July/August 2009, Editor Stanley Schmidt.


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