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So I keep you in the backyard in a wooden hutch

OK, that's an odd coincidence. That job hunting agency I was dimly aware of, the one that wanted me to know they weren't just about icons of cute fuzzy animals, sent a kind of e-mail I haven't seen before. They had an employer who wished for permission to look at my resume; did I wish to grant it or not? I wasn't quite aware that I had a resume uploaded there but after learning how to edit the title of my second book so that it was the actual correct published one I granted my approval. The form was frustrating: the 'Edit' button allows one to edit the title of a resume section but does not suggest that you might edit the text entered in. This is because the page does some style sheet-type thing suppressing the borders of the text area, so it looks like plain old text embedded in the page, and you have to divine to click on that in order to start editing it. Next time they put a survey out I have a user-interface issue to discuss.

While this is the first time, to my knowledge, that anyone has looked at my resume without my submitting it to them, and still one of only a few times that I know anyone has looked at it even then, I'm not expecting anything to come from this. The employer was some organization somehow connected with the Ministry of Finance in charge of keeping money in good working order. While I've long been a user of money and would enthusiastically keep more around me, I don't actually know anything about its management. But given the track record of the past year, apparently the people who do know something about its management aren't doing so well and perhaps it's time to see if beginner's luck will do any better.

The site, it turns out, also has a 'personality test', which I either didn't before notice or had shied away from in fear of failing it. It turns out this amounts to an ordered-preference test about what statements you feel are most and least true, such as, 'I am a hard worker' or 'I like to plan'. You can retake it at six month intervals. I'm wondering who all the people are who are putting 'I enjoy working hard' at the bottom of their preference list on a site open to employers, and I've left it blank for now. If people want to find out whether I have a personality they can talk to me, if I pick up the phone.

Trivia: Cotton Mather was fined in 1708 for having a dirty chimney. Source: The Culture of Calamity: Disaster and the Making of Modern America, Kevin Rozario.

Currently Reading: Fantasy and Science Fiction, April/May 2009, Editor Gordon van Gelder.


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