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Boy, you're gonna carry that weight

I arrived back home, fairly late in the evening but actually earlier than it might have been. The plane was early. At home my room and the bathroom were in that slight bit of disorder which are the hallmarks of there having been house guests over. (My mother had her rowdy college friends down for their reunion weekend, and at least some of them slept in my room, so that before heading out I was a bit anxious about getting things clean enough for them.) You know the signs: the bath mat missing, a towel thrown on the floor outside the shower, the TV remote left on the bed by the tangled knot of blankets, and for some curious reason the alarm clock unplugged. My guess is they couldn't figure how to turn it off. I have that problem myself.

My father told me something he worried would be heartbreaking news: that my mother had missed a day in logging in to the WiiFit and logging some external activity for me, which threatened to break my exercise streak. That was probably fair, however, since I didn't really do any organized exercise when I was with bunny_hugger, although I was much more active than I would be just sitting around the office all day. My mother reported she tried setting the clock back to log in for the day she missed, but the WiiFit asked, ``Is it just me or did we travel back in time?'' Apparently it knows things.

This morning, I weighed myself on the WiiFit for the first time since the 30th of May, with the surprising news of what happened while I was away. I lost 9.9 pounds, dropping my body mass index below 30. For the first time in my living memory, I fell out of the range of Obese and into the merely Overweight.

Right away I felt lighter on my feet than I even thought I had, and the pants I bought just a couple weeks ago feel delightfully loose. If I must get back to normal this is a magnificent way to get started.

Trivia: Bath resort doctor George Cheyne, 1673 - 1743 , who was among the earliest physicians to warn about the hazards of obesity in the earliest of weight-watching fads in England, reached a weight of about 32 stones (450 pounds) around 1720 and required a servant to walk behind him with a stool to rest on every few paces. He eventually reduced to a ``common Size''. Source: Flesh In The Age Of Reason, Ray Porter.

Currently Reading: Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster, Dana Thomas.


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