austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Where I've been is no longer where I'm at

Off to the airplane in just a few hours. I'll write back anyone I miss when I'm settled again. A few parting thoughts: I finally got the Fantagraphics Complete Peanuts book one, 1950-52, and the Li'l Beginnings book. The first has an index so you can look up, for example, the first use of ``good grief''. And Schulz was really great really fast.

I also finally got my first Michigan quarter; being in Asia really slows the State Quarter Collection. I can't find the collection booklet to match my 1999-2003 set. They still haven't hit a State Quarter that's handsome, Michigan's was respectable. I also got my first Denver Mint New Jersey quarter. And who told you you could take Monticello off the nickel? I'm not inherently opposed but I want to be consulted on these things. Also I saw the New Twenty Dollar Bill, which looks like somebody got a Jumbo Sack of Photoshop filters. I'm amazed they didn't use lens flares.

The wedding souvenirs were teacups with small herbal tea bags. I love the thought, but I'm not taking a plastic bag of dried herbs into Singapore. And Happy National Day, Singapore! Wave the flag proudly, then hide it away again.

Trivia: Paul Gauguin met Theo and Vincent Van Gogh in Paris in November 1887. Source: The Lure of the Exotic: Gauguin in New York Collections, Colta Ives and Susan Alyson Stein with Charlotte Hale and Marjorie Shelley.

Currently Reading: A History of Venice, John Julius Norwich. It turns out once again I owe Stephen Ratliff an apology; an incident I laughed at as ludicrous while MiSTing ``Royal and Prime Directives'' turns out to have real-world precedent.


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