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Everyone says the future is strange

At this point we'd started from the Scion showroom, gone through long hallways to the Toyota showroom to talk with the sales guy in not-his-cubicle, gone back around to some other kind of space to talk with the finance guy, gone back along another way to the cashier's window, and gone briefly outside to examine the garage and verify that they did indeed have a garage and place where people waited. Ordinarily I have a fair sense of geography but at this point I didn't know where I was or where I wanted to go, but just to confuse things as the car guy started leading somewhere he handed me the keys, lots of keys. Two sets of remote-entry keys and one valet key, and he pointed out the little metal tab on one of the remote keys which contain the secret code for re-creating the key in case of need. He recommended I keep that in a secure place, and my father recommended I not give that set to my mother. There have been incidents.

Somewhere along the line my mother wandered away and I wasn't sure where she was anymore, but the car guy lead my father and I out front through the showroom part that was near the cashier's window. He also insisted on opening the door ahead of me and waiting, which they may well feel like they should do considering the flow of money here, but that has always left me feeling awkward. My inclination is to hold the door and let everyone else go through. This also resulted in my father almost walking into me, since he was expecting me not to pause. But we made our way safely out to the car corridor out front of the dealer where my car was sitting there, waiting, with pinstripes taped at either end (with the advice to leave the tape on for 24 hours) and a sign of congratulations taped in the windshield that I didn't have time to photograph myself before the car guy and my father took it down.

My mother started taking pictures of me, though, walking around the car, and sitting in the seat for the first time since the test drive a whole eight miles earlier, when the odometer read eight. My father had decided to take the first ride along, as my mother had been along for my test drive, and I finally got my camera out enough to take a few pictures of myself in the seat of my own car, and backing out very carefully at the sales guy's direction so as not to hit the rows of cars on display there. It was time for my first drive in my new car.

Trivia: In 1969 the Chicago and North Western was the United States's only profitable commuter railroad. Source: The Go-Go Years, John Brooks.

Currently Reading: All On Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery, Henry Mayer.

Extra note for those worried about argon_centaur: there's news of where he is and how he is.


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