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Strange shapes will rise out of the night

So where to for my first drive in my first new car? Bear in mind I'm the sort of guy who can attach sentimental reverence to things like the last toothpaste tube I used as an undergraduate and have to force myself to throw it out. Picking the first non-test-drive for a car I'll be driving, barring surprises, for years to come selecting the first destination could be difficult. But the hour of the day suggested we would go somewhere for lunch since it was in the early afternoon, even though we'd expected it might need longer still based on the Toyota Something experience last year.

Further simplifying things is that local geography made for a compelling choice. Right nearby the dealership is Jersey Freeze, a combination ice cream stand/``American'' food stand, by which they mean they sell hamburgers and hot dogs and cheesesteaks and the like. It used to be on the Freehold Traffic Circle, which was ripped out about twenty years ago for the less poetic but in some ways actually navigable Freehold Slightly Non-Orthogonal Set Of Intersecting Freeways, which puts Jersey Freeze farther from the main road but they seem to be puttering along just fine. Going to Jersey Freeze was an erratic family tradition, growing up, something for many though not every Saturday night after church in the summer, and we'd enjoy various ice creams and my mother quietly declined the chance to get anything there. A couple of times we went to the stall in back and got hot meals, but that was rare.

So that was to be my first destination: my mother would drive herself there for lunch, and I would drive my father. It wasn't a long ride, but it allowed me the chance to take on the Freehold Jughandle Left That Used To Be Part Of The Traffic Circle as well as the Freehold U-Turn In The Barnes And Noble Parking Lot That Used To Be Part Of The Traffic Circle. And I backed into the lot --- my usual preference --- in the time-honored fashion of the new car owner, with three empty parking spaces to the next car. My mother got worked up about how close I was getting to the curb, and I did bump it, but I don't mind that sort of thing. I took a couple of pictures of my car in its first parking lot space. And then ...

Trivia: The numbers 1 and 4900 are the only positive integers that are both squares and pyramidal. Source: Mathematical Recreations and Essays, W W Rouse Ball, H S M Coxeter.

Currently Reading: All On Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery, Henry Mayer.


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