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Better get ready, gonna see the light

After finishing eating I could have called other friends --- I had phone numbers for several scattered here and there in my notepad of generally disorganized things --- but it just never occurred to me. I suspect I'm still not a natural thinker in terms of having phones. What did occur to me was that I had taken my first drive in my car, but now I had my first drive on my own in my car. And where should that be? Or should I just take some more pictures of my car sitting in its first parking lot space? That seemed like a pretty good idea too, except I would have to go sometime to somewhere.

What I chose to do was drive to The Book Garden, my standby used book store and a place that I go to really more often than the current height of my unread book pile justifies. (Actually, that pile isn't so large, but I have a box which was one of the last things I took out of my Sable full of books from my undergraduate college's library that I'd borrowed on one of my last real jaunts with it. I'd gone up to campus the last full day of exams to take advantage of late closing times for some of the specialty libraries, and haven't got to reading more than skimmings of what I picked up there yet.) This wouldn't be a challenging drive --- it's pretty much just following the route to Great Adventure from where I was, and then continue another five miles in that direction --- and it's one which aggravates me because of the many drivers who figure it's a good spot to drop to ten or so miles per hour below the speed limit and there's no useful passing along most of the route, but it's a good spot for me.

And so that was my first drive on my own in my new car. Oddly, the man who runs the store wasn't in so talkative a mood so I didn't attempt to make small talk about the new and strange and sporty vehicle I was driving, but I did pick up that Extraterrestrial Civilizations book I'd been reading last week, and marvelled at how my car looks in a gravel parking lot. Eventually, yes, I did drive back home, and parked in our driveway rather than the neighbor's for a change. I was excited.

Trivia: In Paris in 1274 there were eight qualified physicians, and 38 men and women identified as practicing medicine without a diploma. Source: Life In A Medieval City, Joseph and Frances Gies. (Admittedly, one may ask how much a medical diploma of the early 1270s was worth as a qualification. Also the book's about forty years old so it may well be that everything in it is today regarded as hilariously outdated, but I do not know that for a fact.)

Currently Reading: A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Burton G Malkiel.


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