austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Where I'm going is not where I'm stoppin' at

Home, if home is Singapore. I should probably put together my thoughts of how to survive long-haul air flights, if I figure out what it is exactly I do right.

More later. As noted, there's about 13 hours before my first lecture, and I need to shower, sleep, and shower again. I wonder why it is that sitting basically still for a day is so unimaginably tiring; it's not even as if I have to make any meaningful decisions. At least on paper spending all day with nothing to do but read, eat, and watch movies ought to be relaxing.

I also appear to have destroyed the information about which room, exactly, is my lecture hall tomorrow; I can't figure how to summon it out of my mailbox, and web sites are of course not designed to reveal information around here.

The student loan people figured out how much ahead I was, given that I've been paying 150 percent of my actual loan for almost a year. Their conclusion: I'm only about two hundred dollars behind. I wrote back that this was very funny, but at the risk of being a humorless prat, I'd wait for them to figure out the correct value.

Tomorrow: more flight follies, including why I was afraid for my life while watching Garfield: The Movie. I mean besides the obvious reasons.

Trivia: London's first underground railway opened in 1863. Source: London: A History, Francis Sheppard.

Currently Reading: The Seedling Stars, James Blish. Another one for my ``Spindizzy Reading List.''


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