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If you fell on a pin, well, you'd be blind in both eyes

Now, the Radio Shack thing I mentioned a couple days ago with the abnormally low videotape price. All told my videotapes and something else I bought that now I don't remember came to just over ten dollars, the level where I feel comfortable putting it on my credit card. I ran my card through the little scanner thing and the Radio Shack cashier had to for mysterious reasons look at my card to verify the last four digits of the number. And although it was an under-$25 purchase I still had to sign, on the touch-screen thing that insists on using their electronic pen rather than my own. Well, I signed, and tapped 'Done', and the panel came back with the blank line.

I signed again, and tapped 'Done', and nothing happened again. The cashier told me that I had to sign my name, which I had thought I understood. I signed again and tapped 'Done', and the cashier clarified that I had to sign my name, not my initials. Mm-hm. My signature features my initials prominently, but it has all the letters in it, at least roughly, and at least when using my pens instead of fat electronic pens. I signed again, and he told me that it needed to be my full signature. I pointed out it was, and he told me I was just initialling, and they can't take initials. Finally I ended up writing my letters out in pretty near all capitals, which Radio Shack's credit card thing finally accepted as a signature, since it in absolutely no way resembles my actual signature.

What I do want to know is since when is it Radio Shack's business to decide whether I have a signature appropriate to them? The last person with authority over my cursive was my English teacher in fourth grade, and I don't remember Radio Shack being involved in that.

Trivia: Vanillin, the main component of vanilla flavor, can be extracted from pulp and paper waste. Source: Radar, Hula Hoops, and Playful Pigs, Joe Schwarcz.

Currently Reading: Salt: Grain Of Life, Pierre Laszlo.


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