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Continuing on thoughts about my current employment condition:

The day I finally got the fresh databases and was struggling to get them all uploaded in a reasonable time, the company owner decided that after the ``fiasco'' of the first meeting we should have a group meeting beforehand, on Thursday, so that ``all the issues'' could be sorted out. This is already much more management structure than I've ever seen for anything at the company, but, all right. Unfortunately, come the meeting time I was still waiting for my scripts to upload all the data, and I admitted that, and he grumbled that there wasn't much point to carrying on the meeting until all the data was in place, was there? I pointed out some of it was in place and we could get a sense for how things were working; he had some comments about image size that should be improved. In particular, I'd set the scanned images to appear at a fixed size, and he pointed out, several times over, that if the web browser window was very wide then there was a lot of empty space between the information panel on the left side and the too-small image on the right.

I did a bit of experimenting and found I could fix that image size problem, at least, and in a way using entirely style sheets, to my satisfaction. Unfortunately it meant some odd placing glitches going between Internet Explorer to Safari to Firefox, but I supposed also that most people were going to be on Internet Explorer for this (the main use is within one organization) and the placement issues weren't that important. And I realized I could just take out my old code for building complete databases, modify it a little, and while the programs would not be as slick as possible they would be fast, and by the end of the day I had the full databases fixed, the image size fixed, and all the issues which I knew of resolved properly.

Some unexpected glitches popped up from a guy whose other code can feed into searching mine, mostly since he started directing things to my page without my ever knowing things would come from his project to mine, and when I made changes to better the code it would mess up his links. But since I ended up with a pretty straightforward query-string approach and didn't have any more big changes these issues amounted to my code needing to better anticipate defaults for things that, starting from my search page, would always be sent to the search engine but which starting from his might not be. But he was satisfied that we had sorted out everything except, of course, that the client was really slow and erratic about processing data and scanning images and putting those up in reasonable time. He would talk about this point a lot, on the apparent theory that I could do something about it.

Nevertheless, I was feeling good for the Friday meeting-ahead-of-Monday's-meeting, since everything was sorted out, and that lead to the worst day I've had at work.

Trivia: The official corporate name of the American Broadcasting Company was American Broadcasting-Paramount Theaters, Inc, from the merger of ABC and United Paramount Theaters in 1952 through to 1965. Source: Inside ABC: American Broadcasting Company's Rise To Power, Sterling Quinlan.

Currently Reading: Frek and the Elixir, Rudy Rucker. For a change of pace in a Rudy Rucker novel, a not particularly exceptional protagonist gets his life disrupted by hyperdimensional aliens who endow him with powers beyond those of ordinary four-dimensional spacetime and it tangles up his entire world-history with a lot of silly-sounding words. I still like the stuff, though.


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