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People so busy, makes me feel dizzy

Since the urgent business of the car and my final disenchantment with my current employer are out of the way let me return to my trip report about a wonderful nine days spent with bunny_hugger.

Nearly all of the meals she and I had together by that point were at diners, for practical reasons. I couldn't make meals at my parents' home --- never mind inquisitive parents, she's allergic enough to the cats who are numerous enough to complicate having her here for too long, and she hadn't anywhere to cook while staying in hotel rooms, and when you take away the other exceptions of snacking along the Casino Pier or with my sister-in-law and her husband at New Year's we just had a lot of breakfast/lunches and dinners/late dinners in restaurants, mostly diners. New Jersey is blessed with many diners, featuring what feel like the appropriate basics such as lower halves bedecked with cracked-stone type tiling, chrome fixtures, and places that will sell you breakfast or fried macaroni and cheese whatever the hour.

Michigan hasn't got so many New Jersey Diners as you might expect. But we were able to find a nicely respectable diner near bunny_hugger's home --- in fact, near a place where, if I remember this rightly, she used to regularly get brake work done, which again makes me wonder about what it would be like to have a mechanics that was anywhere near anything convenient. Despite looking over many of the menu choices we ended up gravitating toward a kind of default meal, French toast for her and a cheese omelette for me, which we seem to have at least once each time we get together. Although I like them I don't get omelettes much any other time, I suppose out of my generally not eating breakfast otherwise. And bunny_hugger doesn't get French toast much except when with me and in that elevated joyous level that has us doing strange things like eating breakfast.

Since this was a perfectly ordinary and completely unexceptional event the universe had to step in with one of those things that just happens around me and I'm certain I didn't do anything to provoke it. The waitress wandered over and began to talk about how her computer had been damaged by an electrical surge in a thunderstorm recently. This may seem a strange conversational gambit but, in context, it was a strange conversational gambit. She talked a bit about the damage that could be done by storms and, I believe, also got onto the problems of getting your laundry in before a storm if you've left it on the line to dry. After a couple minutes discussing this she left. I don't see how I did anything which might have started this event. bunny_hugger hypothesized that this was the waitress's Darmokian way of saying that it looked like rain, which seems like the satisfying explanation.

It did not rain.

Trivia: Michigan's southern border as defined in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was the line running from the southernmost point of Lake Michigan due east to Lake Erie. Source: How The States Got Their Shapes, Mark Stein.

Currently Reading: Amelia Earhart: A Biography, Doris L Rich.


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