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I am in paradise

So Sunday began with the new plan, which was, movie, then sushi, then Meijer's.

The theater we went to was not too far away. Actually, my impression was that nothing much was too far away from bunny_hugger's house, perhaps because her place is really well-located for the town, possibly because my parents' home is located in some weird time vortex where it's twenty minutes to get to anything and forty minutes to anything interesting. That wasn't a problem here. My impression was everything in Michigan is within walking distance, and the only thing that isn't is Sandusky County, Ohio, which will feature more prominently in a few days. We had barely gotten started and we were at the theater.

We went to see Up, which by now you've either seen or have decided you'll just wait for the DVD and either way you've probably absorbed most of the key plot points by pop cultural osmosis anyway. This theater was different from the one I go to back home, in that it featured the new Digital 3-D where you wear glasses different from those everybody thinks of as 3-D glasses, and also that its popcorn flavoring options are a lot more elaborate than my choices. At my theater you have the choice to add butter-inspired flavored grit to your popcorn or not. At hers, there are a half-dozen or so different flavors including one she hadn't tried before which was, if I'm not remembering wrongly, caramel-inspired. Also they have free refills and offer caffeine-free Diet Coke. I'm not fanatic about the caffeine-free drinks, but I do like them when I have the choice.

Probably it won't surprise you that we were enchanted by Up, what with the romance slathered on grand air-adventure fiction slathered on top of funny-animals slathered on top of a core image, of the house floating on balloons, so wonderful it's amazing it hasn't been done much more often and with things other than giant peaches. The 3-D effect I was surprised to see worked really well, as it added incredible depth to the background. This had its unpleasant side, as for example I'm not particularly afraid of heights but if you're going to unleash the jungle floor miles beneath me then I'm going to react that way. I did some experimenting, naturally, to see what it looked like without the glasses on (blurry, mostly), or what it looked like if you tilted your head away from level (not different enough that I can't swear it wasn't my imagination).

We were also surprised by the number of Digital 3-D movie trailers they had, since it didn't seem like there should be quite so many already, even if they are going to be movies like G-Force. I'm of mixed opinions about G-Force going in, considering that I'm really not likely going to see this before it turns up on Disney Channel rotation, since I do like guinea pigs in general, and I do like the public persona of one of its voice actor, Tracy Morgan. I'm also deeply worried that the public persona of Tracy Morgan may be dangerously close to his real-life persona, because that public persona is one that makes you think he's liable to have his apartment catch on fire in a freak aquarium accident, whereas it'd be alarming if that sort of thing were to happen in real life. Also the trailer seems to think I find excretions funny.

Trivia: The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 required that all governors, judges, elected representatives, and voters in the territory covered be themselves landowners. Source: Measuring America: How The United States Was Shaped By The Greatest Land Scale In History, Andro Linklater.

Currently Reading: The Automatic Detective, A Lee Martinez.

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