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Every day I look at the world from my window

After the movie we were to go to a sushi restaurant that had been one of bunny_hugger's favorites. It was a little tricky finding the place, as it was in one of those archipelagos of strips malls and it was easy to navigate to the wrong station.

It was also a restaurant she hadn't gotten to since around the time of her divorce. It's also on the outskirts of the university campus, so it's in a place that enjoys that feeling of being intruded upon for eight months of the year by thousands of young adults with disposable income and the dawning realization that they can go to class in their pajamas, or not go at all, and they can wander into the streets knowing that traffic is used to their oblivious wandering around. But it was after the end of the term and not quite the start of summer classes so it had that feeling of the outskirts of campus nestled up to hibernate. We got a spot near the back, by the window looking out on portions of the parking lot we had just gone past.

My sushi-ordering experience is spotty, at least by the standards of people who have a favorite sushi restaurant. Most of what I'd had would be at Chinese buffet restaurants where rolls are left for any takers for as much as the whole day; or the seminar snack tables back in Singapore, which has a similar attitude but a narrower time frame; or the Sakae Sushi-type places where an endless conveyor belt of items go past and you grab what you like and eventually pay something based on the trays you took. The sort where you fill out a dining card with the number of desired entries of various types of sushi hadn't come to mind. This wasn't seriously embarrassing, although it did mean that I turned what had been one order for vegetarian rolls into two orders despite bunny_hugger's concern that we might not be able to eat all of that.

We did get a lovely tray full of items, about six for each of the types of roll we had specified so that we ended up with twelve vegetarian rolls. Describing each of these is probably a hopeless task, since I'm never good at remembering food names --- I'm doing well if I remember genres --- but the result was a lot of tasty bites of things as the sun went down and we drank tea and found the really spicy ones. I'd be happy to dub it my favorite sushi restaurant if there were more competition for the title. In the end, though, we weren't able to quite finish all the choices brought to us. There were six vegetarian rolls left over, brought home to nibble on later.

On leaving the restaurant we promptly went to the wrong car. See, someone with a car very similar to the Bunnymover had parked right in front of the restaurant, by the doors, and it was easy to overlook little differences in things like the number of car doors and location of the parked car in the slightly giddy haze of our combined emotional state. It was when her car keys wouldn't do a thing about unlocking it that we realized we had parked on the side of the lot nearer the street outside, not the side facing the restaurant. We were much more successful getting into the correct car.

Trivia: France's King Louis XIV asked an architect in 1784 to submit plans for the demolition of the Bastille. Source: The Age Of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant.

Currently Reading: The Automatic Detective, A Lee Martinez. Yeah, I have to give this my recommendation. Reformed world-conquest-bot-turned-cab driver forced to be a detective in the mutant-laden City of Tomorrow, or at least Lots of Mad Sciencey types? I'm not sure if I like it more or admire it more for pulling off what it does.


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