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But chilly, chilly is the evening time

And now we were getting into the just barely cool night, but we had a little more to do, specifically, shopping.

We needed supplies to make reasonable meals for that odd thing some people might call breakfast if it didn't come so late in the day, as well as to make at least one proper dinner so bunny_hugger could put to proper use her lovely dining room. And there was buying tickets for the Cedar Point amusement park, which we planned to go to for Wednesday so that we could ride roller coasters and carousels and marvel at the time we could spend together there.

The timing (and geography) took us inevitably to Meijer's, which I had certainly heard of what with having many friends from the Midwest who would go popping off the Internet at odd hours with comments like, ``I have to get some Bisquik, pants for the winter, a powder actuated nail gun, and a new video card; back in 15 minutes'', which apparently is the sort of shopping list that comes up all the time in Michigan and Wisconsin. And the Meijer's chain opened in the mid-30s to answer just this sort of need. I'm familiar enough with stores that strive for its combination of grocery store/low-end department store/miscellaneous everything store, although none with quite so sprawling a floor area since the Lower Peninsula has so much more land than New Jersey has to build.

Our main project was buying things to have for a dinner to cook indoors, and then another to have as barbecue, and also to have such supplemental materials as might be useful for eating outside in the evening, such as mosquito repellant. We did some wandering back and forth and back again in the grocery-item aisles looking over, particularly, the various snack foods that we were trying to refrain from buying too much of because we're both trying our best to lose weight, and the promise of candy bars imported from Britain or at least the Commonwealth since there are candies I really liked in Singapore that inexplicably aren't in the United States. It seems really certain to me that we also had some odd encounter with a person walking the aisles the opposite direction, but I'm not perfectly sure what it was. It was one of those odd little encounters that just seems to happen.

Although we did go looking around a fair bit of the store we really only explored the outskirts of it --- it's a big place --- and we didn't actually find the mosquito repellant. I did have time for a side bit of shopping, though, prompted by one of the other objectives of seeing bunny_hugger in her home state. While she bought the food herself --- and bought two cards with day passes to Cedar Point as well --- I didn't feel it right to let her buy this, and so now on my credit card statement there's this odd little line item from the midst of Michigan that doesn't seem to have attracted any interest from my credit card overlords, possibly because they thought it credible someone would buy something at a Michigan supermarket shortly after the date of a ticket flying out to Michigan.

Back home, bunny_hugger did something which had slipped my mind, namely, take all the things purchased and scan them again into a little handheld scanner thing. This is part of some affiliation with, I believe, the Neilsen company wherein in exchange for scanning the things she actually buys instead of what she might say on a form she buys, she's rewarded with the only truly sound currency of the modern era, points. Eventually these points can be redeemed for miscellaneous things. The one that was put to the greatest use would be a sandwich press which turns out to be very good at turning ordinary peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into sealed, toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I understand there are other prizes too.

Trivia: Aluminum foam, used (among other things) in the construction of the space shuttle, is made by adding a metal hydride to the molten metal which releases hydrogen gas. Fibers of aluminum oide or silicon carbide keep the bubbles of hydrogen gas from escaping, producing a durable material. Source: Nature's Building Blocks: An A - Z Guide To The Elements, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: The Discovery of France: A Historical Geography, Graham Robb.


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