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I won't forget a single day, believe me

The phone interview ended and bunny_hugger and I were left to take in the rest of the night.

We didn't have any plans for anything too tightly bound to time, with only some notions that we would sooner or later make dinner, the first time we'd made a proper meal instead of going out somewhere to eat, or eating at my brother and his wife's, or just snacking over things like sandwiches. We also had plans to barbecue later in the week, although we weren't having much success in finding mosquito spray and we knew there was nearly a whole week left and we'd get around to it.

This probably sounds pretty domestic and quiet, but that's what felt so nice about it. See earlier comments about how the circumstances of our earlier meetings-up had meant that we really didn't have quiet time together. One of the great things of this week was the quiet time, hours spread out without the need for accomplishing anything and without any schedules but our own feelings about when we should sleep, when we should wake, and what takes our fancy at the moment.

We spent some time talking over her phone interview and how it felt, and what a potential job offer from them might mean and the sorts of decisions about whether to take it or not that might come about. It happens that I'd applied for the same college; I'd forgotten that on top of the ordinary community college nuisance questions they also asked a series of essays on maybe a half-dozen topics. It may sound funny that I'd forget something like that, but too many community colleges like putting up these sorts of nuisances and they all blend together, and in any case they didn't ask me for a phone interview, much less a proper interview, so I didn't have much reason to think specifically about them again.

One of the things we did do was look at Animal Crossing, a rather cute game which she's been encouraging me to get into. I have looked into it and drawn inspiration for a few projects from it, particularly with the abundant changes of setting and events that happen only at particular times of day or days of the year or so, but in my usual plodding way that hasn't translated to action. But then I finally got around to beating the career path on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 late last year, about four years after I first got the game, and I'm expecting to play a third game of Civilization IV sometime soon. bunny_hugger was good enough to show her home and the surroundings and the various cute ways to improve the setting. I haven't yet bought the game myself, but then it's also hard finding the time to play, given the shared nature of the TV that the Wii here is hooked up to. I also haven't got around to doing much with Thrillsville or Bally Pinball Classics.

There is something here which I realize I'm not positive whether it happened on Monday or Wednesday night. I think Monday, because that seems like the better logical fit, but I could be mistaken. The incident was that while she was getting things for dinner together she found a centipede in the sink, which is one of bunny_hugger's phobias. (Centipedes in general, although finding them in the sink is just making matters worse.) It threw dinner preparation off schedule. But I was able to go in and, you know, centipede seems like it was undercounting things. But I took a couple sheets of paper towels off and used the folded edge of the perforated seam to force it onto the paper. Making my way briskly to the side door since the bug was doing its best to roam all over the entire surface and make an escape, I got outside, past the driveway, and the centipede fell off in the general direction of the neighbor's soon enough. So we were able to resume without any particularly disruptive bugs.

Dinner, now, was sweet and quiet and shared over low lighting that helped bring out the features of her home. It was wonderfully decorated in little ways from painting of the moulding to metal sculptures all over the place, which the previous owners had been working on and which she's kept up. We spent time, and attention, together, enough to feel nicely satisfied with dinner.

We also got involved in watching some of the local commercials of television of her youth, which are more abundant on YouTube than the local commercials of my youth are, strangely enough. The most I could offer was various Crazy Eddie commercials, and while his existence does explain various references that have slipped into New York City-originated comedy that parodies the troubled electronics chain, if you've seen a couple commercials you've got the spirit of the whole thing. She could offer things like commercials for the amusement park that Detroit used to have in Canada, or an electronics chain which in the mid-80s used those oddball Comic Eighties Russians to make ``Fifty Watts per channel, babycakes'' a Michigan-area catchphrase. It's programmed into the minds of many people of the appropriate era (and by coincidence both were talked about at The Onion's AV Club in a discussion of pop culture things that were buried into their subconscious the day before I flew out) but this was my first chance seeing it in person. Wow.

At some later point we realized we'd been at dinner all the way through Conan O'Brien's debut on The Tonight Show, which we had some notion of catching. We would have to count on the Tivo substitute doing its duty and recording it. (It did, but in a confusing way for some reason.)

Trivia: From the start of training for Apollo 11 on 15 January 1969 through the end 15 July, Neil Armstrong logged 1,298 hours in training, while Buzz Aldrin logged 1,297. Michael Collins recorded 926. Source: First Man: The Life Of Neil A Armstrong, James R Hansen.

Currently Reading: The Decision To Go To The Moon: Project Apollo and the National Interest, John M Logsdon.

(By the way, there are a lot of Moon-oriented movies on Turner Classic Movies for the 20th, at least in the United States feed, some of them comedies and some classics and of course starring George Melies's little piece.)


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