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I never thought I'd live to be a hundred

When I got home yesterday after an adventure worth talking about too there was a message from my father on the counter. Someone I had thought was out of my life wanted back in. It was my mechanics, the folks altogether too distant to which I would take the Sable all the many times it broke down.

I hadn't expected to hear from them again because after the verdict that my car needed $1200 in repairs and I decided there was no sense to that, my father worked out with the shop's owner a deal where I would sign the car over to them, and they would do whatever they liked with it --- fixing and selling, stripping for parts, what have you --- and we'd split whatever the residue of the proceeds were. It would need the new transmission if it were ever to move again, really. But this was discussed the week I was with bunny_hugger, and the plan sounded fine to me, and the week after I got back I called to try telling them that this was fine and go ahead with it. I didn't make contact, though, with the owner, and trusted that he would get the message and get back to me for details like transferring the title.

Well, he never did, and I just assumed that things were puttering along at a relaxed pace. But now they need the space (a friend of the owner's needs to put the trucks of his business somewhere while they cut back operations for the recession) and need my car to go somewhere else. I reiterated the deal that I thought my father had worked out, and he explained that they couldn't strip cars for parts, but he could find a junkyard likely willing to take it. I will have to still pay them for the tow I got, but that was all they wanted, and they weren't going to charge me for two months' storage.

I'm now getting all nostalgic and a bit sad about the decision. After all, despite it all, the transmission repair would have been only a couple of car payments, and I could easily have afforded to get the aircon working too. But I know it would have still had a host of issues small and large (like the occasional surprise moments when the power windows decide they don't need to move for a few days). But it still feels disheartening to have my car going to rot, now. I don't suppose there's any better end for it, really, but I'd still want one.

Trivia: When John McGraw took over management of the New York Giants in July 1902 his contract was the highest in baseball to that time, paying him $11,000 for the year. Source: The Old Ball Game: How John McGraw, Christy Mathewson, and the New York Giants Created Modern Baseball, Frank Deford.

Currently Reading: The Alien Debt, F M Busby.


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