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No sugar tonight in my tea

I don't intend to spend my time talking about things which are actually current in my journal complaining, but it is the nuisances, big and little, that feel so overwhelming at the time I write them after all. In this case, I'm irritated by my Time Capsule, which is the otherwise nifty external hard drive Apple sells for reasonably seamless backing-up of files, which is the sort of thing everyone agrees they should have been doing when they need it. I got the drive back in May of last year and it's been puttering along happily backing things up every hour when I wasn't away from my home network, say at the library, ``work'', or Michigan.

Well, a little under two weeks ago it stopped doing this. This correlates well with a system update and a firmware update on the Time Capsule, so I have my suspicions about what's to blame. But the problem now is the Time Capsule won't mount, and I can't even get the Airport Utility that's supposed to let me control all its settings to talk to it --- whether through the house wireless network, or through the Airport's network which it creates when you use the reset button to put it back to factory-default network settings, nor with an Ethernet cable plugged from Capsule to Computer.

Unsurprisingly, while there are plenty of help files for various purposes all over the Internet, none of them seem to address my problem, or if they do then they resort to explaining that by using the Airport Utility all can be fixed. That I can't get the Utility to actually utilize appears to be my unique burden. Well, not exactly: I found through searching for my exact error message a person on the Apple discussion forums who had what looks like the same problem, but who eleven hours after posting his problem said he solved it. He didn't see any reason to explain how he fixed it, though, even on the request of several people to say what he did. Figures.

On the upside, Turner Classic Movies (United States) is showing Jack Benny's immortal cinematic punch line The Horn Blows At Midnight at 9 am Eastern, so you have time to take cover. Oh, and happy birthday, skylerbunny and Marrissa Picard.

Trivia: Paper was being made in Samarkand by around 750, and had reached Bagdad by 793. Source: A History Of Mechanical Inventions, Abbot Payson Usher.

Currently Reading: The Alien Debt, F M Busby. And I realize that having finished this novel, I have no idea what was going on or what I was supposed to find interesting about it. Well, I'm not every author's reader.

[ PS: I may have the problem fixed. I've taken notes so I can post that for later reference. ]


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