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Brush-a brush-a brush-a; Here's the new Ipana

Way, way, way overslept today, cancelling vague plans to go to the Zoo. Just as well; I need the sleep, and the weather was dark and threatening rain, which would have made for lousy pictures even of raccoons and otters.

Finished off a tube of toothpaste. What makes this at commentable is according to the label it was manufactured in Spain; I bought it in Singapore, then brought it to New Jersey, to California, back to New Jersey, to Singapore, back to New Jersey, and back to Singapore before it was done. It has to have travelled, at minimum, about 80,000 kilometers. The overwhelming majority of people in the world haven't travelled that far.

Heck, through all history to about the 12th century there probably wasn't anyone who'd travelled that far. I imagine the first person with that much mileage would be an Indian or Chinese merchant who made annual trips with the monsoons to and from the Malay peninsula, but I don't know when they started regular circuits. It'd be neat to see a graphed estimate of how far the most-travelled person in the world had gone, versus time, though.

Next toothpaste, another globetrotter; I got it in K-Mart with those shirts. The number of (U.S.) varieties has exploded, and it's beyond silly now. ``Crest Energizing Mint'' promises ``Rejuvenating Effects.'' Sure. I haven't believed toothpaste claims, including the direction to not swallow it, since Aim wowed us with three stripes.

In the fabulous Ginza Plaza I was listening to a radio Top Forty Countdown and realized ... from the talk about Friday the 13th and the Opening Ceremonies that ... this was a rerun. I don't know why radio reruns startled me -- my favorite Internet radio stations are Golden Age rebroadcasts -- but it did. I just never thought of it happening.

Trivia: Rutgers University's original, 1766, charter is lost. Source: The Rutgers Picture Book, Michael Moffatt.

Currently Reading: The Clicking of Cuthbert, P.G. Wodehouse.


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