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If I could get out of this place

Leaving when we did also meant there was a good chance we'd get back home and maybe eat before either of us passed out from exhaustion or starvation. No anecdotes broke out in finding the car (and the map) again, nor in driving back to Sandusky and passing landmarks like Menard's and the Cici's Pizza previously mentioned. Actually, the first really anecdote-worthy bit happened when it seemed to me we had passed road signs warning us that we were leaving Sandusky County more than once, which bunny_hugger attributed to the highway passing out of and into the county. Also, Sandusky is not in Sandusky County, which suggests a certain sloppiness in organization out that way, but you can see where that breeds confusion, particularly since there is a Township of Sandusky that's in Sandusky County and is not even nearly contiguous to the city of Sandusky. The result of all this was a new joke I threatened to make positively oppressive, identifying every road sign out through Lansing as announcing that we were now leaving Sandusky County.

We eventually stopped for a snack, at an Ohio Turnpike rest stop just outside Sandusky County, where we meant just to get candy bars and soda or something like that and instead found the need to defend to each other our understanding of the continuity of spacetime. Standardizing things like the layouts of rest stops can be a very good thing, because it means people using the highway can anticipate the locations of bathrooms, convenience stores, and the like, and not get lost when they're racing a clutch of children ahead of a major catastrophe. The problem is if the layouts are exactly identical, and the decor is too identical, and there aren't enough features to show that one place is not the other then you can really mess with the heads of people who remember being in a rest stop just like this twelve hours ago, only ... It can't have been this one, because that was on the south side of the Turnpike and this is on the north side, but ... it sure looks like the same one and ...

We were forced to look at the free brochures in the hopes we would see some obvious difference and let us prove to ourselves we weren't at the same rest stop. We couldn't find physical evidence and had to resort to the simple continuity argument: the same stop could not simultaneously be north and south of the Turnpike. It was still far creepier than a rest stop in Ohio should be.

I think I got a Golden Graham Treat candy bar, which I finished as we were leaving Sandusky County, although about an hour or so later as we were comfortably in Michigan and reaching the outskirts of Sandusky County we realized we were too hungry for candy bars to suffice. Our first attempt was to go to a Burger King which claimed to be open, but had no lights on anywhere inside, but had too many cars around it to be convincingly closed. Obviously something strange was going on there and we'll never know what it was.

Trivia: The kangaroo mascot for Quangaroos breakfast ceral was named Simon. Source: The Trivia Encyclopedia, Fred L Worth.

Currently Reading: Cash, Tokens, and Transfers: A History of Urban Mass Transit in North America, Brian J Cudahy.


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