austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Two can make that dream so real

Knew this before I started, really. But all things continue until irony is achieved.

Who is your long lost Live Journal twin?
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This QuickKwiz by livelyhope - Taken 15714 Times.

A department meeting tried resolving a question I never got clear, which wended through chatter with all agreed the Dean wanted us to do something pointless; each time I thought we'd decided how we started over. I don't know what's settled, but I seem to have no new assignments, and some of my quips got good laughs, so I'm satisfied. Also the Milo truck visited, dispensing free ice-cold chocolate milk, always a good thing. I wonder the truck does when they don't have it serving college students.

And apparently the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute webmasters upgraded to Mac OS X finally.

Trivia: RPI graduate William B. Cogswell's Solvay Process Company became the United States's largest maker of soda ash and byproducts. Source: Troy: A Collar City History, Don Rittner.

Currently Reading: The Clicking of Cuthbert, P.G. Wodehouse. (Finished as the bus got home, actually.)

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