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And one pill makes you small

I've just come off a really rather good week, weightwise. I don't mean to give obsessively detailed information about this because goodness knows the WiiFit's tracking of numbers threatens to set off all kinds of obsessions for me already, but sometimes there'll be something that feels remarkable and I'll remark. The first is that I went just over a week --- from the previous Friday to Sunday --- without my day-to-day weight having a fluctuation upwards. The secular trend has been down steeply, of course, but as far as I remember I haven't before had a full week of non-increases. (Although last Sunday-and-Monday I had the same weight, and did the same for Friday-and-Saturday, so I can't make the simpler claim of ``a week of decreases''.) That feels mighty good even if today did break the streak.

My suspicion is that possibly I might have kept the streak alive except I didn't exercise on Sunday. My foot felt sore, is all; I've taken to adding a stretch of jogging --- twenty or forty minutes --- to keep my exercise as challenging as it's been, and the problem with that is I really don't have jogging shoes or a good surface to jog on, and my left foot came out with this uncomfortable patch. Saturday I made up the difference with more routine step aerobics and weight lifting, but that still puts pressure on the foot, and I thought a real and proper rest day might be better for me. Probably it is, although if it turns out I miss breaking through into the Normal weight range by one day (I'd like to be comfortably there by my birthday) I'll feel silly.

The other remarkable thing came about at K-mart where I went for new shorts and shirts, again. I'm definitely coming to the end of this period of buying new clothes, though, at least for the short sweatpants I use while exercising and for normal summer wear. Long sweatpants and dress slacks will come a bit later. But on Sunday I fit, for the first time in my life, into size Men's Small. I'm not a small person; I come in a couple inches above six feet tall, and I've never been skinny enough to consider small until ... this past week. I'm happy and stunned by it all.

Trivia: The Roman Emperor Commodius tried to rename the ninth month of the year `Augustus', after one of his many names. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Walter Lantz Story Joe Adamson.


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