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Stepping on the greens in her designer jeans

There are two bathrooms on the floor where I work. One's actually usable as a bathroom; the other has that toilet-facing-sink-in-airplane-lavatory-spacing that means it's usable only to wash hands even given my weight losses this year. (Yet that one has a full shower; the other has a bathroom, showing off how the building used to be a home or apartment building.) I think this one's nominally a men's bathroom, although it's an irrelevant question since there are only four people who work on this floor, one of them telecommutes half the time, and we're all male anyway.

Anyway, the bathroom usable-as-bathroom has a stock of magazines kept on the bathtub edge for the benefit, I assume, of the other employees since I don't feel a lot of need to linger there. Mostly they're golf magazines (one was left on an essay about the grand possibilities for skilled golfers to earn fine money on the Asian professional circuits, if you didn't mind playing golf in Asia for the season; even after reading the whole essay I can't say what they found to write about that took that many words to say), although a couple Penn State Alumni magazines filter in too. I know the one who telecommutes is into golf; I'm assuming that the other magazines come from a Penn State alumnus since the alternative is really logically unsatisfying to contemplate.

The magazine on top of the pile most recently and taunting me by its existence is the year's football preview. The teaser in the upper right corner of the cover promises an ``EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW'' with ``JOE PATERNO''. And I can't help but wonder if the editorial board was going back and forth for weeks trying to decide whether this Joe Paterno interview might be a good fit for their Penn State football preview issue. It can be tough editing these special-interest magazines.

Trivia: The firefighting troops James, Duke of York, organized on the last night of the Great Fire Of London were rationed £ 5 worth of bread, cheese, and beer each. It is unclear whether this was intended to be rations for just one night. Source: By Permission Of Heaven: The True Story of the Great Fire of London, Adrian Tinniswood.

Currently Reading: Taking Flight: Inventing The Aerial Age From Antiquity Through The First World War, Richard P Hallion.


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