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Would you stand up and walk out on me

I'm thinking modestly seriously about picking up The Beatles Rock Band game, at least the version for the Wii. It'd be a bit of a stretch for me, considering my music performing experience consists of that I'm pretty sure I could locate the violin I played in elementary school if you gave me about a week to work up to locating it. It's theoretically possible that I might have sung in public sometime, as well, although it's challenging enough for me to get the ``om'' at the start of yoga class in any particular key, much less the one the class has averaged on. For that matter there's still part of me skeptical of all this talk about different musical keys, what with the musical notes being all laid out there where anyone could find them. But I'm not really musically inclined. Music-type people seem to be able to fairly consistently identify keys and they can't all be in on some conspiracy so I guess I'll accept there's something there, it's just ... I mean, the notes are all just there, key or no key.

Also there's the problem of finding enough time to actually play it. I don't get much chance to play anything on the Wii except my exercising. And that's only at the cost of my father sighing and grumbling that I've been unexpectedly insisting on using the WiiFit, just as I have for the last 253 days. I haven't even got to all the pinball games on the Williams Pinball Hall of Fame, after all, or got confident that I actually know what I'm doing in Thrillville. But it's not as if this sort of thing comes with minimum participation times, I think.

A possible curiosity is that I'd necessarily get the Wii version of the game which I'm warned will have different graphics from the other console system version because of some reasons of the kind I never really get straight. It's some technology thing and I realize somewhere along the line I've concluded it's easiest to blame technology problem thingies on Microsoft somewhere along the lines. I don't think they actually have anything to do with the Wii, or the Beatles, but it is necessary to simplify sometimes in life. I also fault Microsoft for the sudden appearance in Usenet of gibberish characters where things like quote marks or two spaces in a row should go, since who would complicate spaces? Again, maybe not fair, but I have other things I need to fret about if I'm going to meet my schedule.

Trivia: The King's Men would perform before King James I of England 187 times between James's accession and William Shakespeare's death, more than all other acting troupes combined. Source: Shakespeare: The World As Stage, Bill Bryson.

Currently Reading: Notes For A Memoir: On Isaac Asimov, Life, and Writing, Janet Jeppson Asimov.


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