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When she landed in Wisconsin her Yonnie Yonson was there

I'd like to pause a moment to provide a status report from my other brother, the one I don't talk about so much because I hear from him a lot less. (This doesn't stop my parents asking what I think about his doing something or other, because they can not be convinced that I am not in constant and deep contact with him, and who have a habit of starting to talk about something meaningful in his life without providing me context.) But I got a status report and I thought the details worth discussing.

He had early in the year moved back from Oakland to seek better job opportunities, which have kind of turned into a set of temporary positions that let him do whatever it is he likes but without the stability or benefits he likes. So this week he was going to Chicago for an interview that promised both. They weren't willing to pay for air fare or train fare or a hotel or anything, though; he was just going to drive out there on his own expense, which probably should have been an omen that it would be the worst interview he's ever been on, as he reported later. But he wasn't upset, even after driving to Chicago for this, because he figured the interview as a good pretext to get him near enough Madison, Wisconsin, to go camping.

Yeah, I tripped over that ambition before, but my brother's explanation for going to Madison to camp had a simple elegance: he knows a guy there. Changes everything. So the day after his interview he called my parents to report its sorry conculsion and that he was passing Pittsburgh on his way to Worcester, Massachusetts, which seems to me to have gotten off-course for Madison. Coincidentally he reports complete satisfaction with the new satellite navigation system he's got installed in his car, a Saturn which he'd bought brand-new and which is old enough to have been paid off and suffer from Transmission Wariness. I just hope when he's done with Worcester he stops in so I can show off my relative thinness (he's way down at the low end of Normal/Underweight, according to the WiiFit, curse him), and I can find out what happened to Madison.

Trivia: Around 1950 New York City had 283 piers along the Manhattan and Brooklyn waterfronts, 98 of which were able to handle oceangoing vessels. Source: The Box: How The Shipping Container Made The World Smaller And the World Economy Bigger, Marc Levinson.

Currently Reading: To Conquer The Air: The Wright Brothers And The Great Race For Flight, James Tobin. I can't help it, I like the bit that I surely don't need to bookmark because I will easily be able to find it later on where a Wright Brother (I think Orville) is noticed to be seething with jealousy at seagulls.

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