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Yesterday got a little odd at work. I had barely got in and started watching the previous day's The Price Is Right online when I got a call from the company owner. The second project for which I was hired involves setting up another company's web service thing and tying it to some of our data; the trouble is, we can't get anyone at this company to give us information, development kits, examples, returned phone calls, et cetera. But someone from the company was giving a talk to ... the people the first project I was hired for. We weren't invited, but the owner found out about it and headed that way, and thought I should go too. And before I quite knew what was going on I was downstairs to get exact directions there and instead being given one of the company's satellite navigation units to get me there instead.

I arrived later than the owner, since I choose to drive on the same order of magnitude as the speed limit, (incidentally showing that I haven't got the hang of parallel parking in my new car since I was way too close to the curb), but since the ``9:30'' presentation was actually set for 10:00, and so was almost started by 10:15, I was in time and could actually meet this guy who's a regional director for a region that apparently includes us. And when he started to present his laptop crashed in an infinite spiral wherein the audio control panel crashed and spawned a new copy of itself, an infinite regression of pleading beeps from a computer no longer responding to anything but its own problems. The presenter had to resort to a flip book.

While I only learned about one thing I didn't already know, this did give me the chance to meet an actual person from this company instead of talking on the phone or by e-mail, and he gave two contacts who might be able to help us. And then the owner and I and two people from the organization presented to went out for a lunch that spun out satisfyingly long. By this I mean I was setting off back to the office late enough that there wouldn't be much time back there before heading home so why don't I just head home directly, and by home I mean to the library. The satellite navigation suction-cup clamp only fell off when the car was parked. And I had to think up and write the humor piece after work instead of taking the morning to think it out and afternoon to write.

As of press time neither of the company people I e-mailed Friday have responded.

Trivia: The launch of Walter Schirra's Sigma 7/Mercury-Atlas 8 flight was relayed to Western Europe television audiences by way of Telstar. Source: Project Mercury: A Chronology, James M Grimwood. NASA SP-4001.

Currently Reading: The Greatest Game Ever Played: Harry Vardon, Francis Ouimet, and The Birth Of Modern Golf, Mark Frost.


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