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Few people get there quick by their chosen road

There's another new computer in the house. I believe this to be a temporary one. Sunday afternoon as I got up to weigh in and see just what sort of shape I was in my father had got out the felt-wrapped thermally insulated bag that my mother uses at one of the supermarkets (the one I haven't been given a customer loyalty card for), into which he was stuffing his laptop and the digital picture frame which had been one of the Christmas presents last year. This seemed like peculiar behavior to me. ``You aren't moving out, are you?'' was my natural question. No, but he was it seemed to me excessively agitated about something.

What the something was: since before my mother's old laptop froze up, and since my father's started showing those advanced steps of digital athereosclerosis that make computers slow down even though they don't have any physical reason to slow down, they had wanted to get the contents of their laptop hard drives copied onto anything else. My father had sworn for months that a friend of my brother's would be able to take care of it anytime. He finally talked with that friend, who really wanted ``anytime'' to be today because he has plans for following weekends. So my father was tossing his laptop, my mother's ex-laptop, his iPod Touch, and for no reason I quite got straight the digital picture frame to drive up there and see whatever it was he saw.

When he got back home, many hours later, he didn't have either laptop with him, but he did set up the picture frame exactly where it was apart from not getting out the power cord and plugging it in. And instead of the laptops he brought out a cute little netbook which he asked me to plug in but also to not put directly on the coffee table because it gets warm. So instead it's balanced between three coasters with empty space underneath. It really opens up the coffee table to have so much less computer in there. Where the external hard drive with the backups (backsup?) of things will be I don't know. But I also can't wait to see what the netbook will be when it grows up.

Trivia: Albert Einstein arrived in New York City, seeking asylum after Germany declared him an enemy of the state, on the 7th of October, 1933. Source: Euclid's Window: The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to Hyperspace, Leonard Mlodinow.

Currently Reading: Embracing Defeat: Japan In The Wake Of World War II, John W Dower.


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