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Have you looked at all the family of stars?

One mystery solved: the Toyota Something is in the possession of my sister and her husband. This was determined after first e-mailing my brother to see if he knew how to contact our brother-in-law; our sister doesn't answer such things as phones, e-mails, letters, or necessarily screams for help from people on fire. I exaggerate, but by less than you imagine. And mere hours after e-mailing my brother-in-law he responded with an assurance that they did have the car --- my parents drove up to their place, and my sister drove the rest of the way --- and that they'd figure some way to get it back here. And my sister e-mailed with a note helpfully subject-lined, ``what toyota???'', which I naturally saw before reading any of these messages. We're a fun bunch, this family.

Also along the way of these contacts I learned my brother-in-law has a Twitter feed, and that it talks a great deal about his favorite subjects, to wit, his car (my brother mentioned that our brother-in-law has occasionally Twittered about this so often as to earn temporary dropping of his Twitter feed from my brother's list) and the various kinds of meat which he eats. I don't know the ideal number of times to Twitter about Hardees in any 48-hour stretch but I am fairly confident he exceeds that level. Also he is not quite as careful about including all the letters when talking about Angus beef as would avoid comical effect. At least a bit more care would avoid the comical effect of writing quite so much about Angus beef in so short a while.

I note for the record one of the things which our brother-in-law's parents really liked about my brother was that, after they spent only a few months as co-workers, their son was eating meat. Also cheese. Our brother-in-law was stunned to know that his meat- and cheese-eating was of concern to his parents, as he was also unaware that he was eating less meat or cheese than his parents thought ideal. Perhaps this motivates his frequent Twitter updates about all aspects of Hardees.

Trivia: Before the Space Shuttle's first flight the program had 46,000 hours of wind tunnel tests: 24,900 for the orbiter alone, 17,200 for the mated launch configuration, and 3,900 for the carrier aircraft configuration. Source: Development Of The Space Shuttle, 1972 - 1981, T A Heppenheimer.

Currently Reading: Psychohistorical Crisis, Donald Kingsbury. You know, this book is scratching itches I didn't realize I had.


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