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One and one and one makes three

Finally I get some spam random text that approaches poetry, or the third verse of the Beatles' Come Together: ``Austin office quill wacke andes extort deflate embarcadero blackberry.''

While heading to Funan the IT Mall I saw a man dressed in a bright blue lyrca bodysuit, as if he expected a luge competition or a Chroma-key effect to break out (none did). I'm impressed by those who can wear form-fitting outfits; my body isn't flattered by anything save occultation. At Funan one woman wore a long silver vinyl vest over a red vinyl miniskirt. If she had silver go-go boots and a plastic wrist-covering with lights she could have been any given high priestess to the computer god who bonks Captain Kirk on the head with a rock.

I bought a video CD of Marsupilami. I never actually watched the show, but I love the character design. I can't help it; the excessively long tail just gets me. The store also had (for a week now) Disney's The Three Musketeers with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, but -- while these three were fantastic in the 1930s, and respectable in House of Mouse, I don't want to encourage Disney's current attitude toward new animation-flavored product.

And I got a trackball. My mouse, alas, has Random Extra Click Disease, irritating routine work but making Europa Universalis II and Hearts of Iron almost less than perfect experiences (!). The instructions are 15 pages, of which I ``needed'': ``1) Turn on your computer. 2) Insert the USB connector into the USB port.'' (I'd guessed that how to install it, but I always check.) The rest is Repetitive Stress Injury advice. The S$25 device has a five-year warranty.

Trivia: Florentine merchants were forbidden by law in 1299 to use Arabic numerals, and ordered to use Roman numerals or write numbers out in full. Source: History of Mathematics, Florian Cajori.

Currently Reading: The Railroads of the Confederacy, Robert C. Black III.


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