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And what costume shall the poor girl wear to all tomorrow's parties

Among other things going on, my mother picked up the WiiFitPlus game before leaving on vacation. This is a bit of an expansion on WiiFit, which soaks up all the established data on past fitness so that it's kept up things like my consecutive body test (and exercise) dates and the lovely fairly steady drop in my weight since the start of the year. The redesign makes a couple of cosmetic changes, particularly in going for a more greenish tint to everything, and changing the typefaces to a better-rounded and less-futurey look. It looks a little better, I think, although a week on I'm still not sure if I actually like the changes. It also includes some option for providing a way to register your pets, which I don't really understand, although the original WiiFit did promise that you could weigh a pet by weighing yourself twice, once with and once without pet, and seeing the difference.

There are some other little changes, the biggest to me being that it no longer tells you how your weight has changed after the first body test of the day. It'll tell you you've gone up, or down, and show the body mass index, and your new weight, but not that this is up 1.3 pounds or down 0.4 or whatnot. That's almost designed to frustrate me since I love tracking how my weight changes over the course of an exercise session. Also now the Body Test estimates your ``WiiFit Age'' through a test of physical ability like standing still for thirty seconds and of mental ability like determining whether a series of numbers are increasing or decreasing. You squat if the number in the middle is greater than the one on the right, and do nothing if it isn't, and the numbers move in a sequence left or right, with numbers being obscured so you have to remember things. It's kind of catchy; I do very well with these mental games.

There's also the addition of fifteen new physical challenges, exercises like a golf driving range. I do pretty well on this golf game despite my not being a deceased syndicated newspaper cartoonist. And there's a skateboard arena, a bicycling challenge, an entertaining clown juggling thing, and others I haven't got to yet. My sister e-mailed to say she'd got WiiFitPlus and was sure she was a better chicken than me. I grant this is true, but trivial, as I haven't done any of the chicken games yet.

Trivia: A dragonfly can eat its own body weight in thirty minutes. Source: The Know-It-All, A J Jacobs. (I suspect this is one of those things true only when you are very careful about what you mean by ``dragonfly'', ``eat'', ``weight'', ``thirty'', ``minutes'', and ``body''. But if it's wrong, it's not my error.)

Currently Reading: 1968: The Year That Rocked The World, Mark Kurlansky.


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