austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

What a difference a day has made

After the outburst of productivity and usefulness on Tuesday you might have expected the extruded office product stuff to slow back down, and, yeah, it did. Thursday it reached a stunning halt: after I'd got in for the morning and watched The Price Is Right and Let's Make A Deal online the computer hard crashed, and after rebooting, couldn't find my profile. I'm not positive what makes a Windows Profile, but all my files, pre-arranged settings, ssh client and so on were missing. This happens sometimes and usually logging out and in again, or rebooting, fixes it. Not this time. I had to go downstairs and talk with the tech guys who remembered this problem and are usually able to fix it faster.

In this case they had to copy everything which was in my profile, which was somehow on the computer but not accessible, over to the computer in the profile that Windows assumed I ought to have instead of the one I've been using all year, which somehow fixes the problem of my not being able to access my files. So anyway the result was I ended up waiting for about six hours for my computer to get back to a resemblance of the state in which it had been Wednesday. Of course I had books with me, but I also had a vague idea for the humor piece to write and felt a little anxious that I didn't have that to get done.

Still, by the end of the day I was able to go through the process of re-organizing the salvaged bookmarks for Internet Explorer, which for some reason this process scrambles, and to get to the important work of putting old-time radio stations back into the iTunes folders. Fortunately, I suppose, the company we're supposed to be getting software from had not e-mailed me with the demonstrations that they for some reason insist people ask for instead of leaving available for download with the software kits they allow, so I wouldn't have been able to do any actual work even if my computer were behaving. That takes some of the edge off.

Trivia: Walt Disney spent about $60,000 producing The Three Little Pigs. Source: Of Mice And Magic: A History Of American Animated Cartoons, Leonard Maltin.

Currently Reading: 1587: A Year Of No Significance: the Ming Dynasty In Decline, Ray Huang. It's kind of refreshing reading one of these year-in-focus books which has the premise that the year wasn't actually all that important. (Although its point is that the year is emblematic of the problems facing China at the time and the problems which would develop.) It reignites my vague ideas of someday writing a book about 1955.


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